New! EasyDive Explorer Kit with Snorkelator
Complete mini dive & snorkel system! Just 15 lbs.

New! EasyDive Explorer Kit with Snorkelator

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The EasyDive Kit is a complete minimalist dive & snorkel system.  Just grab and you are ready for your next water adventure.  The kit incorporates the New Snorkelator - a patented technology that offers divers the ability to combine their snorkel with any diving regulator.  Switch from snorkel to regulator with the flick of a switch and just one mouthpiece!   No longer limited to the surface and quick underwater swims, snorkelers can take occasional deeper dives to explore the shallows, with less equipment than a full diver would require.  

The entire kit weighs just 15 pounds and includes (click on Image Gallery for more pictures):
  1. Snorkelator (dry snorkel with Snorkelator allowing you to switch between snorkel mode and dive mode with the flick of a switch)
  2. 19 cubic  foot cylinder (DOT/TC marked - not for use in EU countries)   
  3. Custom Harness (with pockets for optional soft weights, padded, one size fits most, no inflation)
  4. Unique Tank Valve/First Stage Regulator Combo - smallest footprint and lightest weight in the world!
  5. 2nd Stage Regulator
  6. Mini pressure gauge attached on a high-pressure hose
  7. Air compressor refill adapter (kit can be refilled from a high-pressure breathing air compressor found at a dive shop or on a dive boat)
  8. FREE Carry Bag (for a limited time)
Optional add-on:  Regulator Necklace for $12.00, keeps the regulator mouthpiece close-by.  Made from black silicone, circumference is 28"

Why purchase a standard scuba package that weighs over 50 lbs, and costs over $1000, when you can get the EasyDive kit for only 15 lbs and $550 (for a limited time)!  The EasyDive kit is 1/3 the weight, and 1/2 the cost of a standard set-up!

Who is the EasyDive kit for?  Anyone who wants to jump in the water quickly.  The EasyDive provides approx. 20 minutes (and should be standard equipment on all boats) to:
    *retrieve dropped items in water
    *check on boat propeller / anchor line / perform boat maintenance
    *short-term pleasure snorkel / dive in shallow water 
    *underwater photography (everyone knows the best light for photos is in shallow water so a regular scuba set-up is over-kill here)
    *underwater hunting - whether its for scallops, lobsters or urchins the EasyDive kit is perfect!  

1.  How do I get my EasyDive filled?  Take the EasyDive along with the included refill adapter to any dive shop and they will fill it for you for a nominal fee.  Dive shops have high pressure air compressors that pump clean breathing air. EasyDive comes with a DOT/TC marked cylinder and is not for use in EU countries.
2.  Can I fill my EasyDive off a compressor purchased at a hardware store?  No, EasyDive has a 3000 psi tank, but those small compressors sold at hardware stores only pump about 125 psi. Plus those compressors do not filter the air so it is not breathing quality air.
3.  Can I travel on a commercial airline with EasyDive?  TSA regulations state that a tank valve must be removed from the cylinder, which in the case of EasyDive is professionally attached.  Therefore it would take a professional to remove and reassemble it.  For that reason we do not recommend flying with your EasyDive system.  An alternative is to ship it to your vacation destination prior to your trip and then get the EasyDive filled at your vacation destination. If you want to to travel with a small air system check out the Spare Air at which can be easily disassembled and taken on airlines.
4.  What maintenance does EasyDive need?  Just like all scuba equipment, they must be rinsed thoroughly after each dive to remove salt water and sand.  Store EasyDive with a minimal amount of air in the tank.  Every year or so the regulator should be serviced by your local dive store, and every 5 years the tank will need a professional test called hydro-testing done by a dive shop.  
5.  Can I buy an extra tank?  The way EasyDive is designed it integrates the tank valve and 1st stage of the scuba regulator into a very small and lightweight footprint, this is unlike standard scuba set-ups.  This means that you cannot simply swap out the tank with another full tank.  Depending on interest we may come out with a model where you could do this, but we anticipate it adding 2 lbs to the system weight, and about $150 to the kit cost.
6.  Do I need to be a certified diver to use EasyDive?  Yes, users should be scuba certified to understand the proper procedures and understand the risks when using scuba equipment.

Ideal uses:  Scalloping & Lobstering, Underwater Photography, Boat Maintenance, Resort Diving

EasyDive - Innovating the Undersea Experience

*Does not include scuba mask
*EasyDive customers should wear fins underwater
*EasyDive should be used by certified divers only

Visit for more details.  Email questions to

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