Spare Air, 1.7 cu. ft. Package
Complete Spare Air Package - Designed for shallow depths

Spare Air, 1.7 cu. ft. Package

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Part Number:170PK

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*US ONLY - Restrictions Apply. See description below for details.

*Pre-filled units cannot be shipped outside the Continental US due to pressurized cylinder shipping regulations.  All Spare Air units shipped to Alaska, Hawaii and International addresses must be shipped empty and filled by the user.

Pre-filled units shipped to US addresses must be shipped FedEx Ground ONLY!  No express shipping is available on filled compressed gas cylinders.

For our European Customers, we now automatically provide CE Marked tanks, and for USA and other international customers, DOT Marked tanks.  The CE mark is required for 5 year hydrostatic testing in European countries.  The DOT Mark is required for 5 year hydrostatic testing in the USA.  The choice of tank is determined by your shipping address.  SPECIAL NOTE FOR AUSTRALIAN CUSTOMERS:  We product Spare Air for the Australian market with special markings, please order through our Australian Distributor - eScuba found on our Dealer Locator.  

SPARE AIR Model 170 is the smallest portable air source in the world! A complete scuba system (regulator, tank and pressure indicator) that's the size of a coke can.

  • Compact size allows for more versatile mounting options.
  • Size preferred by military agencies worldwide.
  • Original 1.7 cu ft is the "old faithful" of the SPARE AIR product line.
  • In production since 1979 - over 100,000 units in use.
Package Includes:
  • SPARE AIR breathe on demand, balanced single stage regulator
  • 1.7 cu.ft. Black Anodized Aluminum CYLINDER
  • 910S REFILL ADAPTER - Fills off SCUBA tank
  • 971 COVERED HOLSTER - Mounts to BC
  • 961 LEASH - Prevents loss
 Product Specifications:
Part Number 170PK
Product Length 8.75" [22.23 cm]
Product Diameter 2.25" [5.71 cm]
Product Weight (full) 1.51 lbs [.687 kg]
Cylinder Pressure Ratings 3000 PSI [200 BAR]
Cylinder Volume 1.7 cu ft [85 liters]
Cylinder Material Aluminum - Black Anodized
Pressure Relief Integrated in regulator
Regulator Type Balanced Single Stage
Operational Temperature -22°F [-30°C]
+158°F [+70°C]
Duration of Air Supply Approximately 30 breaths at surface

NEW! We are shipping units to address within the Continental USA pre-filled to 3000 psi.  Your new Spare Air will be ready to save your life right out of the box.  Be sure to select this option above.  There is a $15.00 fee for additional shipping costs, and we can only ship by FedEx Ground.

Spare Air 920S Refill Adapter
Spare Air 910S SCUBA Refill Adapter
Use 910S SCUBA Tank Refill Adapter (included with all Spare Air 3.0 and 1.7 Packages) to refill from any full 3000 psi SCUBA Tank.

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