High-pressure Hand Pump
High-pressure Hand Pump

Hand Pump (AV)

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Now you can refill your Spare Air / HEED to 3000 psi using this customized hand pump (not recommended for EasyDive).  Ready to go out of the box!

Air Venturi G9 Hand Pump is a more economical option and includes:
  • Custom Refill Adapter #930C to attach to Spare Air/HEED Regulator 
  • Compact Inline Filter
  • Integrated moisture catch on output end of hose
  • Integral manometer - oil-filled air pressure gauge
  • Includes test plug, accessory pack with spanner wrench and 2 rebuild kits
  • One-year warranty with Air Venturi
Pumping Details:
  • Eliminates dependency on dive shops or scuba tanks for filling.  Portable – no electricity needed!
  • To fill a 1.1 cu.ft. cylinder: approximately 150 pumps, 5 minutes with breaks
  • To fill a 1.7 cu.ft. cylinder: approximately 210 pumps, 10 minutes with breaks
  • To fill a 3.0 cu.ft. cylinder: approximately 450 pumps, 20 minutes with breaks
  • To fill a 6.0 cu.ft. cylinder: approximately 900 pumps, 40 minutes with breaks
  • Most sellers of the pump are not providing realistic pumping information - our estimates above are based on real tests we performed ourselves.  Breaks are necessary to let the pump cool down.
** Pump only sold in this listing - Spare Air & HEED units are sold separately **

We have perfected the High Pressure Hand Pump purchasing experience.  We have done all the R&D and provide you with a great pump (most low cost ones are very poor quality) with all the attachments necessary ready to fill right out of the box (most pumps are not sold with attachments / refill adapters - you have to research and purchase extra parts).

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