High Pressure Portable Air Compressor

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Filling multiple Spare Air, HEED or EasyDive units is easy using the High Pressure Portable Air Compressor manufactured by Nuvair.  Ideal for customers who own several units and want the autonomy to fill units on their own or from remote locations with minimal access to air.  #920C Air compressor refill adapter,  fill hose and air filtration system included.  Also available in Gas powered (call for details).

Product Specifications:
Model MCH6 / 3 E
Unit Filling Time

1.7 cu.ft. Spare Air/HEED: 1 min. 3.0 cu.ft. Spare Air/HEED: 1.5 mins.

EasyDive Kit: 8-10 mins. 
Cubic Feet/Minute 2.8 FAD 3.4 SCFM
Fill Rate 80 Liters/Minute
Engine Single Phase Electric
Power Source

E1 230V - 50/60Hz - 14 Amp

Engine Power 3 hp (2.2 kW)
Max. Op. Pressure 4500 PSI (310 bar)
RPM 2240
Number of Stages 4
Number of Fill Hoses 1
Condensate Drain Manual
Sound Level @ 3 meters 82 dB
(H x W x D)
15.5" x 26.5" x 15"
(39 x 67 x 38 cm)
Weight 90 lb (41 kg)

Splash Lub, 11oz cap.

Air Quality DIN 3188 / CGA Grade E
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