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  • International customers are responsible for all duty rates, customs and brokerage fees.  Shipping to Canada does not usually incur any fees on small orders due to free trade agreements.

  • International customers are offered DHL shipping.  In certain cases, a country does not require a state.  If your address is not accepted by the shopping cart, please input "NONE" in the state field and try again.  If you continue to have problems with the shopping cart accepting your address, please contact us by phone or email and we will attempt to solve the issue or accept your order on the phone.


  • PayPal is the preferred payment option for international customers due to security measures that credit card companies require for international customers.  If you choose to pay using Visa, MasterCard or American Express and receive an error, it may be due to these security measures.  Please email us to resolve the issue. (Do not email credit card information).

  • Due to an increase in fraudulent charges, any international order that is placed on hold will not ship until the credit card charges have been cleared by the credit card company.  THIS MAY TAKE A WEEK OR MORE.  To minimize a delay, we recommend all international customers use a registered PayPal or Amazon account to complete the payment process.