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  • FRESH CLEAN AIR: Up to 60 minutes of breathing air
  • PORTABLE KIT: All-inclusive portable personal protective equipment - package, weighs only 15 pounds. Transportable, easy to carry, store anywhere.
  • DEMAND REGULATOR: provides air as needed
  • READY TO GO: Take kit out of included storage bag, turn on valve & put on custom padded harness. One size fits most with 3 adjustable straps.
  • NOSE CLIP: Very discrete and comfortable, made with soft cushioned pads.

The Easy Breather Respiratory Kit is a complete on-demand fresh air breathing system. Just grab and go whenever and wherever you need it. Kit comes with everything pictured. The kit ships empty and can be filled with higher pressure compressor (3000 psi) using the included refill adapter at any dive shop, or fill using our Nomad Portable High Pressure Air Compressor. Anyone can use this product ABOVE water without training, however we recommend certified divers use Easy Breather underwater. Not suitable for filling oxygen, ONLY air.

What kit is complete without a handy duffel bag for storage and transportation of your new respiratory system. The included duffel bag provides extra mobility to the on the move person.

Optional purchase: Regulator Necklace provides support and helps hold the Regulator in place or allows it to rest around your neck.

1.  How do I get my Easy Breather filled?  Take the Easy Breather along with the included refill adapter to any dive shop and they will fill it for you for a nominal fee.  Dive shops have high pressure air compressors that pump clean breathing air. We also sell a small, portable Air Compressor (2 options available on shopping cart) that can be purchased separately. EasyDive comes with a DOT/TC marked cylinder and is not for use in EU countries.
2.  Can I fill my Easy Breather off a compressor purchased at a hardware store?  No, Easy Breather has a 3000 psi tank, but those small compressors sold at hardware stores only pump about 125 psi. Plus, those compressors do not filter the air so it is not breathing quality air.
3.  Can I buy an extra cylinder?  Yes, contact the manufacturer for instructions.  

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