Nomad (Spare Air with Snorkelator)
Snorkelator attached to Spare Air

Nomad (Spare Air with Snorkelator)

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The Nomad includes a Spare Air attached to the Snorkelator, making it the most lightweight snorkel and regulator combination available.  Together they offer an experience like no other, allowing divers to get in the water to snorkel & dive within seconds.  

The Spare Air has a 1.7 or 3.0 cubic foot tank that gives enough air to give you some bottom time when snorkeling.  It's perfect when you need a little more time to get an awesome picture or check out the underside of your boat.

Quickly recharge the Spare Air from a full SCUBA tank with the included tank adapter and be back in the water in just seconds.  

The Nomad comes with:
1.  Snorkelator 
2.  Spare Air (either 1.7 cu ft / or 3.0 cu ft size cylinder)
3.  Scuba tank refill adpater
4.  Covered holster (store and attach the Spare Air with a 1" waist strap)
5.  Safety Leash (to prevent loss in case of accidental loss)

Snorkelator is a patented technology that offers divers the ability to combine their snorkel with the regulator – creating a truly unique experience.  By simplifying your SCUBA equipment the Snorkelator will optimize the way you dive.  The Snorkelator comes with a top-of-the-line dry snorkel already attached.  The Snorkelator is perfect for those that love to snorkel and to dive and would love the convenience to switch between the two easily and seamlessly.

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Valve switches between Snorkel & Dive position.

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