SWITLIK X-Back Air Crew Life Vest (HEED 3 unit sold separately)
SWITLIK X-Back Air Crew Life Vest (HEED 3 unit sold separately)

SWITLIK X-Back Air Crew Life Vest (MOLLE Style)

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Part Number:975
The Switlik X-Back Air Crew Life Vest  requires an approximate 2 week lead time for shipping, regardless of shipping method chosen.

HEED 3 unit sold separately!

The Switlik X-Back™ Air Crew Vest is a newly configured, lightweight crew vest that is a quantum leap in comfort and durability over its predecessors. The aptly named X-Back™ has a unique, proprietary cross back strap configuration, with breathable mesh Molle style vest that is ergonomically fitted to one's shoulder contours for an amazing fit. Accessories are located to the sides rather than midsection allowing more room for shoulder and lap belts, for added comfort when seated. As accessories are added, their weight is distributed on the shoulders and off the neck, greatly increasing comfort for the wearer. A variety of accessories are offered in Molle configuration, including a stylish new multi-compartment zippered pocket.

Product Specifications:
SSI Part No. 975
Switlik Part No. S-7200-511
Approval Compliance FAA/TSO C13d and UK CAA/ARO 1349
Vest Weight 2 lbs. 6 oz. (1.08kg)
Buoyancy Over 35 lbs.
Inflation System Two 16g CO2 cylinders
Webbing 1-1/2in webbing conforms to MIL-W-17337
Cover Fabric Nomex/Kevlar Blend
  • X-back design for superior comfort
• Dual opening, zipper closure design
• Multiple MOLLE straps for accessories
• Designed to transfer the load away from your neck
• Twin cell inflatable life-vest
• Built in locator light
• Replaceable inflatable cell and/or cover option
• Built in storage pockets for excess webbing
• Ergonomically correct torso design for added comfort while seated

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