The Spare Air Xtreme Dual Sport with Neoprene Vest
The Spare Air Xtreme Dual Sport with Neoprene Vest

Spare Air Xtreme 6 Package

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Part Number:600PKX

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The Spare Air Xtreme 6 is a complete minimalist dive & snorkel system.  Just grab and you are ready for your next water adventure.  The kit incorporates the New Snorkelator - a patented technology that allows you to switch from snorkel to regulator mode with the turn of the dial and just one mouthpiece!  Don't waste your precious air from the tank kicking out to your favorite spot, stay in 'Snorkel' mode until ready to go under, then switch to 'Dive' mode & head underwater for an adventure.  No longer limited to the surface and quick underwater swims, snorkelers can take occasional deeper dives to explore the shallows, with less equipment than a full diver would require. 

  • Easy to use - just insert the mouthpiece and breathe!
  • Easy to wear - Comes fully assembled, just put on harness and adjust in seconds, whole kit weighs just 5 pounds!
  • Easy to carry - comes with its own storage duffel bag.
  • Available now! Take $50 off with our introductory price!
  • Stand-alone mini scuba system.  Spend up to 20 minutes on a shallow dive adventure, to clean your boat, or inspect your pool
  • Refill your Spare Air quickly off any full SCUBA tank, or at a dive store
  • Weighing under 5 lbs. it is the lightest weight system on the market

*Pre-filled units CANNOT be shipped outside the Continental US due to pressurized cylinder shipping regulations.  All Spare Air units shipped to Alaska, Hawaii and International addresses must be shipped EMPTY and filled by the user.

*Pre-filled units shipped to US addresses must be shipped FedEx GROUND ONLY!  No express shipping is available on filled compressed gas cylinders.

Spare Air Xtreme 6 package includes:

  1. 6 cu ft cylinder, Cylinder is DOT marked for the USA & Canada Markets (cylinder is not marked for the EU or Australia markets)
  2. First & Second stage regulators
  3. Custom Waist Harness (with pockets for optional soft weights, one size fits most, no inflation)
  4. Regulator Necklace
  5. Scuba Tank Refill Adapter & Air Compressor Refill Adapter


Product Specifications:
Part Number 600PKX
Product Length 14" [36 cm]
Product Diameter 3.25" [8.3 cm]
Product Weight (full) 4.95 lbs [2.3 kg]
Cylinder Pressure Ratings 3000 PSI [207 BAR]
Cylinder Volume 6 cu ft [48 liters]
Cylinder Material Aluminum - Black Anodized
Pressure Relief Integrated in regulator
Regulator TypeBalanced Piston
*On/Off knob
*27" flexible braided hose and 2nd stage regulator

Duration of Air Supply Up to 20 minutes at depths 0 to 20 feet

NEW! We are shipping units to address within the Continental USA pre-filled to 3000 psi. Your new Spare Air Xtreme will be ready to dive right out of the box. Be sure to select this option above.  There is a $15.00 fee for additional shipping costs, and we can only ship by FedEx Ground.

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